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Daycare Social Media Marketing

If you could get parents to talk about your daycare, you have the golden ticket that could send high-quality referrals and enrollments you way. That is what we can help you achieve with our daycare social media marketing services. People use social media to tweet, make friends, or simply share their thoughts online. However, did you know that it is also an extremely powerful tool you can use to increase enrollment and retain new customers for your daycare?

Cost-effective Daycare Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social media marketing is the cheapest and yet one of the most effective methods you can use to promote you daycare. However, managing a social media campaign requires a great deal of time and effort, which can turn out to be a costly investment for some marketing companies. We work our socks off and go the extra mile to give you the following social media services without taking too much from your company’s limited time and resources.

1. Customer Engagement
We initiate interactive conversations with parents and other prospects in a way that makes them feel like talking to a friend.  We talk about services, issues, events, and other interesting topics about daycare and introduce your business when the time is right.
2. Lead Generation/Direct Response
We identify online groups or individuals of your common interests, participate in conversations, and share blogs and other content on topics that are of interest to them. We send out tweets and encourage re-tweets from your Twitter followers to get the word across the online community more efficiently. We also promote your site on Facebook and other social media networks.
3. Online Branding
We help you figure out how to represent your company online in a way that reflects the kind of brand or reputation you want to build.
4. Market Research
We keep you posted on the latest social media trends and buzzwords. We listen to online conversations to find out what people want and think about your brand.

Marketing your daycare does not have to be so complicated. With Local Daycare Marketing’s social media management service, you can focus on doing your core management tasks and stop worrying about low enrollment.

Our daycare social media marketing package includes:

  • Account Creation
    • We will help you open an account for your daycare on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other leading social media platforms
  • Network Building
    • Once your account has been created, we will help you build your online network so you can connect with groups that share the same interest with you.
  • News Posting
    • We post relevant and interesting news about you, including promos and upcoming events that might interest your target market.
  • Forum Infiltration/Forum Posting
    • We participate in online forums, listen in on social conversations, and post comments on your behalf. This will keep you updated on trending topics and other issues that are relevant to your business. Participating in social forums can also help build your reputation which can give you more opportunities to introduce your services and gain followers.

You don't need to pay an arm and a leg to run an effective Social Media Marketing. Put our Social Media Marketing experts to work and watch your campaign shoot forward like someone who just grabbed a golden mushroom in Mario Kart.

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