Using tested and proven daycare advertising and marketing strategies, we get you connected with thousands of parents looking for daycare services, and fill up your sales pipeline with qualified business opportunities.

Generating enrollments for daycares is no child's play, but we make it so simple and hassle free for you.

Despite the tremendous increase in demand for daycare service in recent years, generating enrollments and retaining customers can still be quite challenging. This is because most daycare centers are not trained to market their services effectively. If you have difficulty filling the empty seats in your daycare centers, we can help.

Cost-effective, Professional Marketing Services

Daycare Marketing Experts

If you are a daycare owner or director, you know you are doing it wrong when you’re also the one doing all the work to get new customers. It’s like chasing two toddlers around a toy store with a baby in tow. Probably not your idea of fun, huh? On the other hand, when you have a partner like Local Daycare Marketing, you have the flexibility of doing what you do best, which is managing your business while allowing our team of seasoned daycare marketing experts handle your sales and marketing campaigns.

Here are more reasons to partner with us:

  • Instant access to experienced daycare marketing experts.
  • Industry-focused sales and marketing expertise means that we understand your business and know the ins and outs of your target market.
  • Less hassle from micro-managing an in-house marketing campaign.
  • Online-based marketing and advertising enables you to reach more business prospects at a time.

At the end of the day, working with us means less work, more high-quality prospects, and more enrollments to fill the gaps in your classrooms.

Tested and Proven Online Marketing Strategies for Daycares

With many years of experience in the daycare industry and a stable of regular clients, Local Daycare Marketing is a leading provider of daycare advertising and lead generation services in Miami, Florida. To ensure a wider market reach, we leverage online marketing tools, including web design and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, and Instagram, giving you a more competitive advantage.

Using these tools, we target dual-income, middle-class families with children ages 4 months to 12 years who are actively looking for daycare services, as well as new parents who are simply “window shopping” and likely to consider enrolling in the future. The number of regular customers who keep coming back for our services speaks to the strength of our marketing approach and our team as a whole. Get us on board and we'll make sure you are fully locked and loaded for your next campaign.

Daycare Marketing Tools

Local SEO

Regardless of the size of your classes, facilities, or budget, Local Daycare Marketing can help you increase your enrollment and grow your business through fully-customizable online marketing campaigns. If you are planning to launch a marketing campaign in Miami, Florida, we have an extensive network of potential customers around your area whom we can tap for business. Whether you want to start off with a newly designed website to attract online visitors or launch a social media campaign where you can participate in social circles and share relevant information about your company, Local Daycare Marketing got you covered.

Web Design

Increasing your online presence is the best way for you to boost enrollment for your daycare business. With free website templates available online, almost anyone with basic computer knowledge can build a website. However, building a daycare website that actually does the job of attracting visitors and converting them into customers requires skills and understanding of the daycare services market. Local Daycare Marketing helps you create your own daycare website which accurately represents your mission, attracts new customers, and improve your bottom line.

Social Media Marketing

When choosing a daycare, parents usually trust testimonies from other parents about their experience with their daycare providers. This is called word-of-mouth or referral marketing, which is one of the most effective daycare marketing methods. Local Daycare Marketing takes this approach to the next level through its daycare social media marketing services. Quite simply, we loop you in on social conversations where you can connect with parents and other potential customers who are looking for your service.

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